Recording Project

The purpose of this CD project is to:

Document new Latin-American art music works, making them available in a recorded and published format.Highlight the work of the musicians and composers involved in the CD. Also, share the process of commissioning, preparing, producing, and recording these new pieces of Latin music as an example of collaborations between musicians and composers with a common goal.

Bring attention to the two of the brand new pieces in the CD, written by female composers.

Encourage Latinx students, artists of all disciplines, and community members, to find their voice by looking at the richness of their heritage, and through the power of collaboration.

Strengthen and further a Latinx voice in the USA through the platform of classical music, by presenting this new repertoire in places and situations dominated mostly by white, male, European traditions.

Reclaim a place of interactions with “the other” from a point of equality and balanced conversation and interaction, knowing that positive social change happens through the transformative power of music.

Represented, reach out to, and explain the Latinx community through the narrative of Latin-American music (composers and performers), creating bridges for a positive conversation of all of us creating and re-creating culture and society.